Our Story

Chaplin Multimedia was founded by brothers Richard & Andrew Lalchan  in the autumn of 1997.

The name arose from another business Richard was involved with at the time called Chaplin Video & Internet Café.  Along with the two main partners of that café they wanted a name, which mixed the past with the present, something classic with something up-to-date.

Having a love for films, Chaplin was a classic fit alongside Video & Internet Café which were not that numerous at the time. The concept was continued for Chaplin Multimedia.

Our first clients came from customers who visited the Internet cafe and saw what the web could bring to their business. More and more people were getting online as dial up Internet became cheaper with companies like Freeserve offering good deals, thus the Internet cafés days were numbered.

1998 saw the start of the infamous Internet boom known as the dot.com bubble, which saw huge changes in the way business was carried out. The result was an increase in clients coming to us for website solutions, digital video, print solutions and more.

Some of our clients from the early days have since ceased to exist as the .com boom turned to bust and brought even more changes in the industry. Other clients have gone on to supply thousands of products to an international market all via their custom built website.

Within our 15 year history we have designed countless website, produced logos, identity and branding for small business, produced events for local government providing video production services; designed 3D animation for conference intros; provided training, worked with musicians, built web tools for healthcare companies and entertainment venues; designed products like bags and t-shirts, posters, pens and much more besides but most importantly, helped many small business to take advantage to the leveller that is the Internet to trade effectively with the world.

Today we are still building websites but with a more social business focus as with the rise of social media. It is increasingly vital for your business to be targeting this area as this is where your potential customers are spending their time.

Smart phones / tablet devices has had an extrodinary rise in the last few years so much so that people are increasingly looking at the web on these devices. It is therefore important that your website looks as good on them as on your desktop.

We look forward to working with you to help your business grow.

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